Shure Miniaturizes Beta Drum Microphones

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 1, 2010

(Left) Shure’s new Beta 98AMP mike

Your drums sound sumptuous from your drum throne – full throated, round, and sonorous. But how do they sound from the audience’s perspective? Different, at the very least. Flat and dry at worst. Naturally, the answer to invest in a set of drum microphones, but doesn’t that mean carrying more weight and cluttering your kit with bulky stands? Nope, at least not now that Shure has revamped its classic Beta line of drum set microphones, which now offer low profiles while retaining the characteristic low handling noise and high gain that made the Beta line legendary. The new lineup includes the Beta 91A boundary bass drum microphone, with its integrated preamplifier, XLR connector, and low-mid frequency EQ switch ($299 suggested retail price). The Beta 98A miniature instrument microphone is a miniature cardioid condenser microphone with high SPL handling and a very uniform cardioid pattern ($286). And the Beta 98AMP miniature drum microphone providews a new variation of the Beta 98A on a flexible gooseneck with a newly designed dual-jaw mount ($336). Isn’t it time you made sure your drums sounded good at the back of the room?