Simmons Crams New Features Into SD1500

Simmons Crams Features Into New SD1500 Kit: 500+ Custom Samples

Simmons SD1500

Simmons, the brand that really kicked off the e-drum era, has announced a new flagship model, the SD1500KIT. The kit aims to be the most realistic and full featured electronic drum kit in its class, with new sounds, and improved responsiveness and feel.

The SD1500KIT is a full sized, ergonomically designed 6-piece drum kit, with hi-hat and three multi-zone cymbals with 22 specific trigger points. Its traditional Simmons hex-shaped blue anodized frame and die-cast aluminum hardware feature memory lock mounts for speedy setup and maximum stability. The multi-position hi-hat pedal and triple-zone snare pad are designed for sensitivity and responsiveness, and the crash cymbals offer dual zone and choke capability.

The Simmons' flagship SD1000 Digital Sound Module has been upgraded and enhanced with a new custom sound library featuring more than 500 samples of the popular classic and modern drum kits. The combination of Simmons exclusive Variable Attack Response programming with features such as full 64-voice polyphony, full programmability, and powerful on-board processing, plus alternate playback sample capability gives drummers a huge palette of sounds to draw upon.

"This exciting new kit truly outshines and outplays anything else in its class," remarked Jim Norman, Simmons Product Manager."The new SD1500KIT is ideal for drummers looking for a low-volume rehearsal kit, for schools or churches needing a full size, low-impact stage setup, or for small and mid-sized project studios where recording acoustic drums might not be an option.”

The new Simmons SD1500KIT electronic drum set is available now at a street price of $999.99. For more information visit or your favorite music retailer.

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