Simmons SD Xpress Kit Gives Bang For Bucks

Simmons SD Xpress Kit Gives Bang For Bucks

Simmons SD Xpress

Back in the ’80s, when Simmons was the only game in town for electronic percussion, you had to spend a pretty penny and wait for months to nab one of their kits. So forgive those of us who were actually alive back then as we gasp at the miniscule cost and ample features of the company’s new SD Xpress compact setup.

For a mere $199 street price, the kit contains four velocity-sensitive drum pads, three velocity-sensitive cymbal pads, and built-in hi-hat and kick drum pedals in a compact footprint that clocks in at 30" wide by 20" deep. Plus, it has USB MIDI connection to computer music and recording systems, stereo input for MP3, and headphone output for quiet practice. Add to this ten preprogrammed kits, 193 drum sounds, and ten song styles with built-in metronome and real-time song recording, and you have a very cool starter set just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Ho, ho, ho, indeed!

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