Simmons SD9K

Electric Red

By Andrew Lentz Published September 14, 2009

The SD9K from Simmons has its sights aimed on the budget e-kit buyer looking for the kinds of features found in upper-end electronic drum sets at an entry-level price.

Sporting the company’s signature hex pattern shells, the SD9K gives players a choice of over 700 kits (including 40 pre-kits and 59 user-defined kits) on its new and improved module. Crucially, an improved triggering function reduces cross-talk — the bane of many e-kits.

In addition, the softer rubber in the pads allows for a more natural feel, while the sturdy matching-black adjustable rack lets you arrange the drums for optimal comfort.

The SD9K includes a kick pad, four tom pads, three cymbal pads, a snare pad with built-in rim for playing rim shots and clicks, and a hi-hat control pedal. List price $1,665.

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