SJC Unveils Steampunk Kit For Spencer Smith

SJC Unveils Steampunk Kit for Panic At The Disco's Spencer Smith

SJC Steampunk Kit

There comes a time when an artist needs a great kit to enhance the look of a major tour. For Spencer Smith of Panic At The Disco it happened with the band's recent tour. He called SJC saying he needed a set with the theme of “Steampunk and Frankensteins laboratory”.. so they ran with it. Mike Ciprari of SJC says, "This kit took a lot of man hours and the work order was like a book with ideas and drawings with images and concepts for the drums. We all had a ton of fun making this kit and are proud of the outcome. The kit matches the PATD stage props perfectly and we couldn’t be more stoked on it! Spencer really allows us to think outside the box and go nuts and really show what we can do, and this kit embodies all of that. Check out the pictures and make sure you see Panic! on their tour when they come to your city on their current tour!"

Some features of the kit:

  • Copper rust finish on shells
  • Hand-painted antique oxidized wood hoops
  • Custom steampunk theme tube lugs
  • Antiqued hardware and t-rods
  • Guitar strings on floor tom
  • Antiqued grate on kick drum for green fog to come out of
  • Copper-wired light bulbs out of bass drum
  • Phonograph horn on floor tomHand soldered gears on shells and banana rail moun

Steampunk Kit Two Steampunk Kit Three Steampunk Kit Four Steampunk Kit Five Steampunk Kit Six
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