Every Time I Die’s New SJC Gator Kit

SJC’s New Kit For Ryan “Legs” Leger Of Every Time I Die

SJC Custom Drums just finished up an elaborate new kit for Ryan “Legs” Leger of Every Time I Die, and delivered it to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn last week. Needless to say, it’s a very unusual design.

The company’s craftsmen told us that the kit was one of the most demanding and outside-the-box special orders they’d ever tackled, which is saying something considering the smorgasbord of bizarro kits they’ve cranked out over the years.

But you can see exactly what they were up against by checking out the photos – especially when it comes to the handmade alligator teeth that adorn the front bass drum hoop. (SJC is anxious to point out that no real animal products were using in the kit’s manufacture!)

Legs’ kit includes a 22” x 15” 8-ply maple bass drum, 12” x 10.25” 6-ply birch mounted tom, and a 16” x 11” 6-ply birch mounted floor tom, wrapped in a custom white and brown veneer with faux gator skin stripe.

The drums are fitted with custom mounted tube lugs, butcher badges inscribed with “ETID I,” claw style wood hoops (including extended reso-side hoops), weathered brass hardware, and custom-made floor tom legs.

And don’t forget the alligator teeth. Gotta love the alligator teeth.

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