SKB Cymbal Safe

Safety First

By Andrew Lentz Published September 23, 2009

Chances are you spent beaucoup bucks on your cymbals, so protecting your investment in critical. Fortunately, the Cymbal Safe from SKB Corporation let's you really baby them.

Sometimes a gig bag isn't enough, especially when you have a large collection of cymbals. The Cymbal Safe let's you keep then all together in one safe, convenient package. Rotationally molded from Linear Low Density Polyethylene in the exterior shell with a padded interior, the Cymbal Safe offers unsurpassed protection.

The D-shaped case sports molded-in feet for upright positioning and stability during storage or transit. The case's exterior is designed with a roto-X pattern for space-efficient stacking. Sure-grip handles with a 90-degree stop make load in a breeze. Comes with a Million Mile Guaranty. $139.99.

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