SKB’s Roto-X Cymbal Vault Just Got Bigger

SKB’s Roto-X Cymbal Vault Just Got Bigger

Taye Drums

Drummers have gravitated toward ever-larger cymbal sizes in recent years, especially when it comes to their ride cymbals. These days 21" and 22" rides are de rigueur while a mere 20" just seems so 2009.

That’s why SKB was inspired to retool its hardy rolling Cymbal Vault to accommodate up to 22" sizes. Roto molded of linier low polyethylene with a welded center post that will hold as many as eight cymbals, the Roto-X 22" Cymbal Vault features a molded-in ergonomic carrying handle, in-line skate style wheels, an extra strong pull out handle, and comes with four cymbal pads to cushion and protect the cymbals.

Molded with SKB’s “X” pattern, the new 22" cymbal vault stack with the SKB-Roto-X Drum Cases and features a sturdy, high-tension slide release buckle with heavy-duty web straps for easy closure. The case is backed with SKB’s Million Mile Lifetime Guaranty with a street price of $144.99.

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