1930s Slingerland Tone Flange Artist Model Snare

Slingerland Tone Flange Artist Model

Era: 1928—’33
Finish: Sea Green Pearl
Dimensions: 14" x 4"
Number of lugs: 10

Slingerland Artist Models are usually hard to find, but the 14" x 4" version pictured here is practically extinct. I’ve seen only two of this size in my 11 years of collecting. Proudly featured in Slingerland’s first catalog in 1928 as the company’s premium snare drums, they were equipped with the three-point strainer, ten tube lugs, and Slingerland’s newest invention of the time, the Tone Flange, which collectors have since nicknamed “the hubcap.”

Originally designed for Slingerland banjos, the Tone Flange is an aluminum flange that fits over a brass ring, which in turn rides on top of ten flathead brass screws installed into the drum’s flat bearing edge adjacent to each tube lug. Once the drumhead and double-flanged hoop were installed over the Tone Flange and tensioned with collar hooks and tension rods, Slingerland boasted in its 1928 catalog that “this Tone Flange eliminates the ring and overtone which drummers have worried about for years. It rejuvenates and clarifies the tone and staccato notes ’pop’ out like the crack of a machine gun. It also enables the drummer to make a clean ’cut-off’ without any overtones regardless of where his sticks may be; at the center or extreme edge of the head.”

Tone Flanges were discontinued by 1934, when they were replaced by internal tone controls. For a detailed look at this invention, see pages 25, 131, and 183 of The Slingerland Book by Rob Cook.

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