Some Guys Have All The Luck

Some Guys Have All The Luck

By Phil Hood Published February 8, 2010

When we saw Mike El-Ayazra's DW setup with it's candy black sunburst and black hardware we knew what we wanted our next kit to look like. Here's what Mike had to say: “Here are a couple of pictures of my kit. My son loves playing also. The drums are DW Collectors in Candy Black Burst with black hardware.”

18x22 Kick
8x10 9x12 11x14 13x16 Toms
Mapex birds eye Black Panther Snare

Zildjian cymbals
18" Z crash
16" rock crash
20" ping ride
10" Z splash
18" China
14" new beat HH

DW 5000 double pedal and Hi Hat stand
Gibralter Rack

I think it's awesome, hope you like it.

Dear Mike,
Like them? We're on our way to your house to play them right now. Thanks for sharing.

--The Editors

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