Sonor Announces The Birch Infinite Kit

Sonor Announces The Birch Infinite Kit


Sonor has announced the Birch Infinite shell set — a new, limited edition drum set handmade in Germany. The drum kit will be available starting November of 2013 in a trio of vintage finishes, Vintage Amber, Vintage Azure and Vintage Onyx.

The birch shells provide tremendous projection and a solid, distinctive tone featuring smooth, balanced midrange which complements the clarity of the highs and lows. The bass drum is 22" x 18", with 10" x 8" and 12" x 9" rack toms. A 16" x 16" floor tom rounds out the standard kit and an optional 14" x 14" floor tom and 14" x 6" snare will be offered as upgrade components.

Master craftsman build these drums and they feature Sonor’s top-of-the-line feature set including; top quality fittings, the T.A.R. mounting system, tuning lugs with TuneSafe, Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM), Remo USA heads and the new Dual Glide system on the snare.

“Sonor has created a very special series of shells that sound amazing and look striking,” said product manager Larry Nelson. “The three color choices, wedded with the natural bass drum hoop, reflect the years of experience that Sonor has in creating sonically pleasing drums that look amazing.”

The Birch Infinite shell set MAP’s $2,599.00. The optional snare and floor tom MAP for $599.00 each.

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