Sonor Danny Carey Snare Drum

The Proper Tool

Andrew Lentz Published August 28, 2009

Whether you love Danny Carey, dig his prog-metal band Tool, or just need a distinctive crack to your snare, the Danny Carey Signature Snare Drum from Sonor does not disappoint.

Boasting an 8"-deep 1mm bronze shell clad in Artist series lugs and 2.3mm power hoops, the Danny Carey Artist series snare delivers the kind of crisp, controlled crack that cuts through the heaviest ensembles with enough rounded mids and lows to blend into any musical context.

Strikingly appointed with Carey’s laser-engraved signature and a geometric talisman graphic, the drum is so elegant you’ll want to just stare at it before digging in. Considering what you get in comparable price points, the $1,099.99 sticker is more than reasonable.

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