Sonor Martini Kit: Really Cool Compact

Drummers who want a second, highly portable kit and parents looking for an affordable holiday gift for an aspiring young drummer will want to take a look at the new Martini kit from Sonor.

While the powerhouse German drum maker calls the Martini outfit “a new take on the ’cocktail kit,’” we’re not convinced it fits the exact definition. How about if we just call it a really cool compact setup at a very nice price ($612 retail/$359 MAP for a shell pack)? That works for us.

The Martini is built around Sonor’s venerable cross-laminated poplar shells fitted with Remo heads, and includes a 14" x 12" bass drum, 8" x 8" mounted tom, 13" x 10" floor tom, and a 12" x 5" steel snare drum (so take that snare-less shell packs!). Hardware includes top-quality Sonor fittings and tuning lugs, featuring the TuneSafe system, floor tom legs, and a single tom holder.