Sonor’s New Ascent Drums: Big On Beech

Sonor’s New Ascent Drums

Sonor continues to find new applications for its infamous beech wood with the introduction of the Ascent Series. The secret to the Ascent sound lies in its shell construction, which features thin 7-ply/6.35mm bass drums and thicker 9-ply/8.75mm toms and snares all cut with 45-degree bearing edges for a full, powerful tone.

Additional features include a redesigned TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom mounting system, all-new chrome-plated snare strainer and snare butt, lightweight lugs with the company’s TuneSafe systems that hold the tension rods in place, rubber-padded bass drum claws, and Remo USA heads all around.

Available in nine sparkle, lacquer, burst, and wood veneer finishes and fitted with the same black chrome hardware that made its debut with the company’s celebrated SQ2 line, Ascent drums are designed to be striking, as well as struck.

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