Spaun’s LED Kit Changes Color In A Flash

Spaun’s LED Acrylic Kit Changes Color In A Flash

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 24, 2010

Spaun Drum Company wants to shed light on your shredding. Check out the legendary custom drum company’s new LED Lighted Acrylic Drum Kit, which features a multi-colored light system that can change the color of your shells in the blink of an eye. Run by remote control with seven solid colors and 18 flashing and strobe effects, the operator can alter the flashing speed as well as overall brightness of the system. What’s more, since every kit is completely customizable, Spaun can outfit your drums to be controlled via any DMX compatible lighting console or DMX software program. However, there’s something you don’t see in these photos, which is all too apparent in the company’s YouTube presentation – namely, the spaghetti of thick cabling attached to the drums that actually make the whole thing tick. Hey, it’s the price of fashion, folks!

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