Spotted Gum kit from Brady Drums

From Down Under With Love

By Andrew Lentz Published November 2, 2009

You gotta love Australian drummaker Brady. Where else are you going to get kits built from those exotic woods from Down Under like the company’s new Spotted Gum range.

The kits are handcrafted from ultra-thin shells of Spotted Gum, an extremely dense Eucalyptus timber species (Eucalyptus Maculata) with an interlocked grain which can grow up to 230 feet high.

These super-thin non-reinforced shells offer serious volume and projection in a wood shell, while carrying a solid, low tone that is warm but at the same time has substantial attack.

All Spotted Gum snare drums, tom toms and bass drums are available only in their natural timber finish and are adorned with a special handcrafted inlaid parquetry Brady badge consisting of 31 individual pieces carved from 17 different species of wood.

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