StageLitePro Introduces New Line Of Personal Stage Lighting

Stagelite Pro Makes Onstage Lighting Personal

Stagelite Pro

StageLitePro has introduced their new line of Personal Stage Lighting for guitarists, drummers, and other musicians who need to see set lists and equipment on stage. Each of the units has 40 brilliant white LED lights angled and concentrated on where you need to see the most –near the stage floor. Originally designed for guitarists' pedals, these lights have proven popular with drummers for lighting set lists, tools, pedals and other items. These lights are cool to the touch and engineered for maximum visibility in dark stage areas. The Stagelite Pro Personal Stage Lighting is constructed of tour-grade, 10 millimeter powder-coated aluminum to offer the ultimate in protection for your gear, and the fully encapsulated LED lights will not be damaged from moisture intrusion, low frequencies, or harsh use.

Stagelite Pro

StageLitePro lights are available in three sizes: the 24” wide Pedal Guard Pro, retail price $99, the 14” wide Pedal Guard Compact, retail price $79, and the 14” wide Set List Pro, retail $69. All 3 of SLP’s lights are available in both 120 VAC and 9 VDC, and the 9VDC version can be powered by your pedal board power supply or by 9-volt battery adapters.

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