Stand Out With TMD Custom Drums

Singular Vision

By Andrew Lentz Published October 7, 2009

Top quality and tight design awaits you at TMD Custom Drums. Some of today’s most notable drummers use TMD including Gerald Heyward (Beyonce; Chris Brown) and Oscar Tavarez, drummer for reggaeton superstar Pitbull.

Miami-based TMD uses quality components including Keller maple shells and Trick strainers. The company specializes in hella deep 22” x 22” kicks so you’ll never lack for bass drum projection. Choose from three different finishes levels ranging from Tangerine Glass Sparkle to Custom Louis Vuitton and everything in between such as their signature Splatter finish.

TMD also has a variety of innovative pieces such as the new Floating Chamber Graffiti Snare (pictured). While customers tend to go for an individual setup, all the company’s kits come branded with the TMD Customs Crest and signature pinstripe as well as chrome airvents flanking the crest on each side and our snare drums come with the TD Griffen Crest. Go to for pricing.

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