Xmas List Addendum: Astro Junior Kit from Taye

Santa Knows What Young Drummers Want

By Andrew Lentz Published December 21, 2009

The Astro Junior kit fro Taye may be small but it doesn’t cut any corners.

The Astro Junior features real heads (not the cardboard ones you may remember from your early childhood), traditional hoops, and comes with a hi-hat stand and cymbals, a 12” x 4” snare drum, a throne, drum pedal, and poweder-coated hardware. Yep, youngsters today can actually brag about their hardware before they’re had their first lesson.

The Astro Junior Kit is a 5 piece kit completed with a 16x10 bass drum, a 12x10 floor tom, 12x06 rack tom, a 8x6 rack tom. The smaller size of these drums create ease of playing for younger age beginners while offering a realistic feel of standard acoustic drums.

Four out of five drum instructors say that getting your little one used to the feel of a realistic kit improves the speed at which they learn. Available in Wine Red, Sky Blue (pictured), and Jet Black. The MSRP, $ 279.00.

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