Stickholders Inspired By Stars

Swirly Stickholders Inspired By Stars

By Radim McCue Published October 21, 2009

Several years ago, musician and graphic designer Sid Tincher turned a good idea into a great business. Her SwirlyGig products – lightweight, visually appealing beverage and stick holders – have been appreciatively adopted by musicians all over the world.

With sales on the rise, Tincher has been able to respond to customer requests with the Reflection SwirlyShtick for the right side of the drum kit. The SwirlyShtick Reflection was initially made at the request of Chris McHugh (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts). “Chris wanted the same style and ease that he got from the having the SwirlyShtick on the left side of his kit” says Tincher. “Once that first run for Chris started getting seen, people really wanted them!” Having stick holders on both sides of the kit gives drummers the options they want to keep sticks, mallets and brushes right where they need them. Plus, the balanced look of SwirlyShticks on both sides is awesome.

Other drummers are equally enthusiastic. "These are by far the best and coolest stick holders on the market. I love them. They are ergonomically perfect and I don’t know how I got along without them!” says Sweets Fryar of the Zac Brown Band

“The SwirlyShtick is really versatile. You can hang it on any cymbal stand for easy access to your sticks. And if I drop a stick, SwirlyShtick is there to rescue me.” DJ Bonebrake - Drummer of X “.

SwirlyGig products are made in the USA and sold in retail stores across the country. SwirlyGigs are for sale in Canada and the UK, as well as online at, and other online retailers. For a store near you, see For more information, contact Sid Tincher at 612.721.5012, or email swirlygirl.