Stop Bouncing Floor Toms With Add-A-Leg

Drummers can be divided into two camps – those who mount floor toms off of cymbal stands and others who prefer to use traditional floor tom legs. I happen to subscribe to the second philosophy for two reasons: 1) I don’t hear a significant difference in resonance between the two methods and, more importantly, 2) I find it really distracting when floor toms begin bouncing up and down while I play.

But the folks at Add-A-Leg seem to have found common ground between these two philosophies. By retrofitting their bracket onto a stand-mounted floor tom, you can add a single leg that will stabilize the drum on the floor. Even better – it mounts onto two lug posts, so you don’t have to drill holes in your pristine shell.

It’s a simple idea that is so practical it doesn’t actually require a demonstration. So why didn’t I think of it?