Summer NAMM Report: Cymbals and More

Summer NAMM Report: Cymbals and More

By Radim McCue Published July 24, 2009

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Though very few drum or stick manufacturers exhibited at the annual Summer NAMM trade show, most cymbal lines showed up.Paiste displayed in the Yamaha booth (Paiste is distributed by Yamaha in the US), and other companies included Sabian, Zildjian, Meinl, Diril, Dream and Supernatural Percussion. Here's a quick gallery of cymbals and other products from the show. [Not picutred: Zildjian showed their new Z3s and Meinl displayed their Benny Greb 20" ride.]

Dream showed an extensive selection of Hans (above), Pangs and Jing models (below) that debuted earlier in the year.

Nashville engineers were all over the Kelly Shu bass drum miking mount system.

Drumagination inventor Mark Steele displayed his Twin Steele pedal with a bass drum that had an amp and speaker mounted inside.

The Drumagination The Twin Steele pedal makes contact on the upstroke and downstroke, enabling amazing speed and control.

One of the more colorful sights at the show: Heil Sounds incredible custom cases for their great mics.

Mike Berg of Humes & Berg showed off a terrific new djembe case. Very rugged, and you can sit on it to play.

Supernatural Percussion showed nine lines of cymbals including the Mystic (above).

Got gospel? Supernatural showed the Divine line for gospel drummers.

Power Wrist Builders unveiled the Retropad, a hollow model that produces a thwacky drum sound for practice.

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