Tama’s 1st Chair Hydraulix

Best Seat In The House

By Andrew Lentz Published August 30, 2009

Tama’s 1st Chair Hydraulix is the company’s first gas-lifted throne, representing a whole new way to sit behind your kit.

As any working drummer knows, throne height can make or break a gig. The 1st Chair Hydraulix makes the small-yet-crucial position changes a musician requires during a performance, quick and easy.

The Hydraulix comes in two types: The Round Rider (pictured) sports a traditional design, yet its low-profile seams promote unhindered leg movement while the cushion’s air pocket adds comfort.

The Ergo Rider features Tama’s ergonomic cushion in a contoured saddle shape. Ergo-Rider Hydraulix ($265.99); Round-Rider Hydraulix ($249.99).

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