Tama’s Limited Edition Backbeat Bubinga Snare

Tama's Limited Edition Backbeat Bubinga Snare


Tama is releasing a new, limited edition, bunbinga birch snare called the "Backbeat." With a white oak finish, the bubinga birch blend inside marries the rich, dark tonality of the interior with the cracking projection of the exterior.

Performing drummers will enjoy the volume resulting from the shell's composition as well as the included 2.3 mm Mighty Hoops. "We created this drum to give players a single snare capable of covering a lot of ground," says Tama Product Manager, Charlie Hayashi. "The Backbeat is powerful enough to punch through when it counts, but dynamic enough to handle all the delicacies of live play."

This new snare is perfect for live performance and is the latest addition to the S.L.P. series.

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