Taye Drums Updates The GoKit

Taye Drums Updates The GoKit


We love good news that comes in pairs.

First, Taye Drums is adding Daytona Sunset finish to its GoKit line for 2012. This irresistible head-turning color offers a timeless visual zing whether you’re playing a retro-hip lounge gig, or surrendering to a spontaneous urge during the commute to stop the car, pull the diminutive kit out of the hatch, and start shedding.

Second, the company is now offering an odd-size 14" x 11" floor tom, which will come in handy on those bomba-inflected jazz breakdowns. Comes on super-tall legs so you can reach it in comfort and still get the benefit of a shallow tom. Made from the same birch/basswood shell as the rest of the GoKit line.

The kit and add-on drum are also available in Antique Honey and White Pearl in addition to Daytona Sunset. $399.

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