Taye Metalworks Pedal Boasts A Host Of Features

Taye Metalworks Pedal Boasts A Host Of Powerful Features

Shopping for a sleek-looking bass drum pedal that still packs a plethora of mad adjustments? Then consider fine-tuning your boom with the Taye Metalworks pedal. Its wide steel-finished footboard offers smooth action, thanks to its new heel plate hinge system, and is easily customizable to adjust its depth — but that’s only the beginning. You can also tweak countless key features like cam pitch, beater depth, and beater-to-head distance. The danged thing even comes with a tool holder and stick caddy built right into a chassis that keeps a pair of your favorite dowels within reach. And if you want to kick your kick into overdrive, push the spring assembly into the red zone to activate the integral roller bearing (which you can spot at the top of the slave pedal in the photo above) — and burn baby, burn! While the Metalworks pedal has no shortage of nifty bells and whistles, Taye knew better than to completely reinvent the wheel, and also integrated such standard features as a secure hoop clamp and dual-headed beater into the design. Pretty smart stuff. Available in both single ($299 suggested retail) or double ($649) models.

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