Taye ParaSonic Drums: Hi-Tech Hybrid Shells

Taye ParaSonic Drums: Hi-Tech Hybrid Shells

It’s a new day in drum design, folks. Over the past several years, builders have begun to rethink the formulation of drum shells, and not simply by blending hybrid shells from more than one species.

The trend has taken it a step further by fine-tuning the blend of wood types to suit the size and application of each particular drum within the kit, so that bass drums sound deeper, snare drums crack, and toms resonate freely.

Taye is the latest company to jump on the bandwagon with the introduction of the new ParaSonic drum line, which combines maple and birch – the two most popular woods used today in manufacturing professional drums.

It’s all about the ratios. The smaller diameter drums feature a combination of maple and birch within a slightly thicker shell to create a naturally higher pitch and brighter fundamental tone. ParaSonic shells become thinner as they increase in size, with the largest shells made of 100-percent maple with 6-ply maple SoundRings for a naturally lower pitch, warmer tone, and longer sustain.

ParaSonic kits are being released in three shell pack configurations and three new high gloss lacquer finishes that are exclusive to the line. Suggested retail price will range from $2699 to $2899 depending on the configuration.

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