Taye’s RockPro Line Has A Brand New Look

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RockPro, the drum set that started it all by combining pro features with student pricing now brings a new finish to the mix: Back/White Metallic Chessboard wrap to bring a modern feel to Taye's beginner line.

There is no drum set in World that equals the RockPro in sound or value. Cavernous bass drums, musical toms, and crisp snare drums, and over 100 configurations you can choose from—the RockPro has it all. Constructed from all Poplar shell, this kit boasts an almost infinite selection of drum configurations as well as many of the same features that are on the Taye’s top of the line drums.

Because of Taye Drums being the most Configuration-Friendly™ company in the industry, it's easy to addTaye Drums’ Wood Timbales (available in 10” x 3” and 12” x 3” sizes) to your kit. Perfect for squeezing in a spot where you don’t have a lot of depth, but you need to add that Latin flavor to your sound. Featuring Taye Drums’ new DynaSkin drumheads and 8 plies of premium poplar bring a quick attack and warmth all at the same time. Available individually (10×3; $139 retail or 12×3; $149 retail) or as a set ($349 retail).

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