Joey Kramer’s Orange Reptile DW Kit

Time Capsule: Joey Kramer's Orange Reptile DW

joey kramer

With all the color and excitement on stage at an Aerosmith show, Joey Kramer really needed something special to make his drum kit stand out. Kramer’s tech, John “MaGee” McGarry, discovered this orange snakeskin satin flame finish and it was wild enough to shine through anything Areosmith could dish out. The satin flame finish is extremely reflective under lights. It looks electric. The white powder-coated hardware makes the orange finish stand out even more. MaGee named the set “The Orange Reptile” for its illuminated orange snakeskin covering.

Kramer used this set on Aerosmith’s 2009 tour, which included the now infamous August 5, 2009 Sturgis, South Dakota, show where singer Steven Tyler broke his shoulder falling off the stage. Tyler’s injuries forced the band to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. This marked the end of the road for this set. Within a year Kramer would switch drum companies. This is the last DW set he ever played and arguably the most dramatic.

joey kramer

The drum set was acquired from the rep of a prominent Midwest drum company shortly after Kramer switched drum companies, in 2010. We received it exactly as it was left after the last show of the tour. The set was loaded into two huge Aerosmith flight cases where we found lots of tour remnants including battered signature sticks, extra drumheads, a tour itinerary book, and used drum gloves.

The set includes two bass drums: 23" x 16" (pictured) and 24" x 16". The toms are classic sizes: 13" x 9", 16" x 16", and 18" x 16". The snare is a matching 14" x 6". All shells are DW Collectors maple. The set also includes a complete set of white powder-coated stands. The white hardware has become a signature trait of Kramer’s drums that he continues to use today. Heads are Aquarian clear white dot heads with an Aerosmith logo.

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