Toca 12” Acacia Tambourines: Light & Loud

Toca 12" Acacia Tambourines: Light & Loud

By Andy Doerschuk Published June 25, 2010

Big brothers are usually born before their little brothers, but somehow Toca has managed to defy the very laws of nature with its Acacia tambourine. After the public’s embrace of the 10" model — with its lightweight feel, distinctive sound, and attractive appearance — Toca recently rolled out a 12" version (with the catchy model number of T1012-A). Still lightweight? Yep. Distinctive sound? Uh huh. Pretty as a peach? You betcha! The big difference is a bigger sound that splits the difference between “warm and dry” and “bright and sharp.” Otherwise you can still expect a 12" frame made of exotic acacia wood and married to a double row of nickel-plated steel jingles (eighteen pairs in all). The company’s craftsmen have shown such attention to detail that holes in the shell for the pins that hold the jingles are hand-filled and sanded in order to provide the smoothest possible edge. And it’s all yours for a mere $49.

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