Toca Shines With Hi-Hat Tambourine

Complex Jingle Patterns: Toca's New Hi-Hat Tambourine

The hi-hat and tambourine combination has fueled countless hits in the last forty years. Now, comes Toca's new Hi-Hat "Hit Zone" tambourine, which has been designed with two distinct shielded striking areas to accommodate modern complex two-handed patterns. Two durable rubber hit zones enable drummers to maintain machine-gun type rhythms without interrupting rhythmic flow and also permit a greater variation of stroke alternation.

According to Toca, the Hit Zone model features ten rows of nickel-plated jingles provide the instant, bright response required for contemporary rhythms and ensure that hi-hat and hi-hat tambourine meld in slick high-frequency mix, thus facilitating credible “cross-overs” between hats and tambourine.

A black, powder-coated metal frame gives the Toca “Hit Zone” Tambourine cutting edge appearance and durability, while two rubber zones provide natural tambourine response in the face of double-handed sticking patterns—all this devoid of excess, distracting stick clicks. In addition, those rubber zones prevent stick wear. The Hit Zone Tambourine diameter is a sensible 6¾”, which leaves ample room for regular sticking on hi-hat cymbals. Basically, the Toca Hit Zone opens up the hi-hat to alternate, warp-speed stickings while offering the potential of cross-talk between hat cymbals and tambourine—previously unheard of. The Hit Zone secures to the hi-hat center post with a sturdy wing nut that places the hi-hat at a comfortable striking height.

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