Traditional Series African Djembes from Tycoon

Kick Out The Djems!

Tycoon Traditional Series African Djembes combine rich sonorities with exceptional craftsmanship for a drum that both sounds and looks amazing.

Available in a full selection of sizes with hand-carved wood shells, hand-selected goat-skin heads and reliable rope tuning, Traditional Series African Djembes by Tycoon Percussion offer drummers a unique combination of quality, authenticity and affordability. The 10, 12, 13 and 14˝ drums range in price from and $299.00 to $499.00 (MSRP) and have become highly popular with serious and recreational players— and highly profitable for many drumshops and music stores.

“I play a little bit of hand drums just for fun but I have to say that some of the best sounding djembes to ever come through our doors are Tycoon African Djembes,” says Jeff Lee, owner of Resurrection Drums in Miami, FL. Adds Resurrection’s hand drum specialist, Evan Kline, “The quality and sounds are very consistent and very good. Everything I’ve seen and played has been awesome.”

“I received my first order of Tycoon Percussion Djembes a few weeks ago. I am amazed at the level of quality and craftsmanship for such a low price,” comments The Original Long Island Drum Shop’s Dennis Ricci.

Todd Weiner, drum department manager at Robb’s Boulder Music in Boulder, CO, cites the drums’ features and crossover appeal as prime reasons for their popularity in his drum department. “As a full-line store we deal with everyone from young kids to retirement home communities,” he explains. “We do a lot of lessons, drum circles, samba bands, African drumming groups but, no matter what their level of interest or ability, our customers want drums that sound good and are easy to play and affordable. The Tycoon African Djemebes do very well for them and for us.”

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