Trick Drums: Hardware Roundup

Pro 1-V Chain Drive Bigfoot Double Pedal

Trick’s Pro 1-V Pedal is now available with chain drive for drummers who want Trick quality but aren’t sold on direct-drive pedals. I don’t have the word count available for a comprehensive review of the Pro 1-V, but it’s a state-of-the-art pedal. It’s made of the highest quality materials; namely aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium, and it is machined as carefully and precisely as the pedal is beautiful.

The tolerances are extremely tight. If you take the drive shaft that connects the two halves of the double pedal and flex and rotate it between your hands you’ll notice absolutely no play between any of the parts. Remarkably, there are no sounds, felt clicks, or unwanted motion anywhere in the drive shaft. Incidentally, these drive shafts are now available as retrofits for other brands of pedals and are reasonably priced.

In terms of their manufacture, I can find almost nothing to fault, and frankly, that almost annoys me. In case I’m coming off too positive, let me add that adjusting the beater height is awkward to do while the pedal is mounted on the hoop.

Each half of the pedal feels remarkably similar to the other and it’s remarkably smooth and responsive. Plus, it can go faster than you or I can. After videos watching Tom Hane, Art Cruz, and Kévin Paradis play these at ridiculous speeds, all I can say is, if you want to blame your equipment because you can’t play as fast as you like, choose another brand of pedal.

If you’re a chain guy who never quite fell in love with direct-drive pedals, this is all the pedal you could hope for. If you’re a current Pro 1-V owner, you can retrofit your pedal to accept chains. Currently, the chain option is limited to the Pro 1-V and it costs the same as the direct-drive models, but is not yet offered for Trick’s Dominator pedals.

Laser Triggering System

If you’re a metalhead, you’ll know Trick has designed a patented bass drum triggering system that doesn’t rely on placing triggers on your drum or head. That older method requires lots of futzing with your head tuning, muffling and digging deep into your module’s edit modes praying some combination of tweaks will result in reliable triggering.

Instead, Trick’s trigger reads the pedal’s motion via a laser and sensor that triggers when your pedal moves past a certain point so you can trigger accurately whether you prefer a wide open two-headed Bonham-style kick drum or one stuffed to the brim with pillows. You can even trigger without using a beater in the pedal!

The trigger includes a wall wart power supply and audio and five-pin power connectors to connect to your drum brain and the trigger. There is a useful blue LED light on the unit to indicate it’s receiving power – and that also, incidentally, looks very cool.

In terms of triggering accuracy, from the moment I plugged it into my Roland SPD-S, I never had to tweak the parameters at all, the two units simply performed flawlessly. It tracked dynamics well and during my time with it, never double- or mistriggered once – absolutely perfect triggering. Wow!

Even if you’re not a speed metal drummer this product may still interest you. You could trigger your favorite kick drum sound with all the dynamics you want and never have to worry whether the soundman can dial in a great sound.

My only issue with the unit is that the cable comes straight out of the trigger so the cable may crowd your hi-hat pedal, as it did with the Predator hi-hat. I’d suggest Trick try a right-angle connection instead.


All this gear is manufactured to the highest standards using the highest-quality materials. If you demand the utmost from your equipment, it’s worth every penny.


Super-tight tolerances, smart design choices, rugged hardware that simply works like it’s supposed to.
List Prices
Cymbal Quick Release $17.99
Suspendz Three Six Zero $70—$90 (depending on size)
Predator High Hat (3' or 7') $390
Big Foot Single Chain $400
Big Foot Double Chain $879
Retro Drive Shaft $129
Single Laser Triggers $320
Double Laser Triggers $520

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