Triple D5: A New E-Kit For The Masses

Triple D5: A New E-Kit For The Masses

After watching prices skyrocket in the ’90s and early 2000s, the electronic percussion market has seen a recent influx of value-priced e-kits. Acorn Instruments is the latest to throw its hat into the ring with the new Triple D5 Digital Drum Kit.

It’s your basic turnkey system, with five rubber-coated drum pads (including a two-zone snare), as well as crash, ride, and hi-hat cymbal pads, all mounted to a lightweight extruded aluminum frame. Each pad is height and angle adjustable, so that you can dial-in your preferred setup, and can be individually tailored by adjusting sensitivity, threshold, and velocity. An all-in-one kick pad/pedal design and hi-hat foot controller complete the trigger devices.

The Triple-D5 module contains 30 pre-configured drum kits that can be customized and saved using any of the 327 available sounds, which were recorded using both close- and ambient-miking techniques. Levels and panning are adjustable, and DSP effects such as reverb and chorus can be individually programmed for each instrument within a kit.

A USB port is available on the Triple-D5 module to connect to a computer and is compatible with virtually any MIDI compliant music production software on Mac or PC, allowing the user to record drum parts with the internal sounds or use third-party sample libraries. Add the built-in metronome, practice tracks, and demos, and it sounds as if the Triple D5 is a competitive contender.

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