Loren Honstein's Cobalt Blue Smackfactor Rig

Loren Honstein's Cobalt Blue kit


Loren Honstein's Kit of the Week is a goodie, a 2008 Starclassic Birch/ Bubinga in Cobalt Blue 7-piece setup. Here's what Loren had to say about it. There are two 22" kicks, 10" and 12" toms with 14" and 16" floor toms, plus a Metalworks 14" snare. I'm using the Roland TD-12 drum module.

Loren Honstein's Cobalt Blue kit


The cymbals (sitting on the throne from left to right )include a 17" sabian AA Chad Smith Holy China, Zildjian 13" Projection hats, a 12" Z3 splash with a 1" ZXT Thrashformer stacked, a 12" HH Series splash with a 10" ZHT China splas stacked, then a 4" Zilbel, and a 16" AA Medium Thin crash. There is lso an 18" Meidum Thin Ccrash, a powerhouse 20" Z heavy power ride (my guilty pleasure) then a 16" Ziljdian A medium thin crash, a 10 " Dream micro-china upside down with a 10" ZHT China splash stacked, and then a 18" Wuhan China.


The rack was custom made by Tony Ramirez at Levelrack, it has an 18" rise (with casters) and an integrated Gibraltar rack. The rack is continuous all the way around and is rock solid. It suspends the kicks out 20" in front of the riser. The spurs have been removed from the kicks; the only penetrations on the shell are the lugs. I like the curves on the rack. It has 120v powerstrip mounted to power my drum module and light the goat skull I put led lights in the eye sockets. There also is a fogger mounted to the underside.

Loren Honstein's Cobalt Blue kit

Pedals And Heads

I'm using the black single speed cobras, a 5000 series hi-hat stand, the Evans Hybrid 14" snare head, the Evans Onyx on the toms ,and the Superkick 10s on the kicks. Hopefully that covers everything.

Before I customized the rack I used to take one hour to unfold all the stands but now I go from trailer to stage in 25 minutes. The footprint of the kit shrunk way down to exactly 4'x4'.

Still Looks New

I bought this kit new, it's my workhorse, and though it's been around the block a few times it looks brand new thanks to the folks at SKB cases (and their awesome warranty program).

My bands name is SMACKFACTOR and we hail from the metal-laden scene in Denver, Colorado. Drummers can do us a huge favor and "like" us on Facebook or check us out on reverbnation.com, We are currently working on our third full-length release. Thanks so much to Drum! Magazine for making us want to go play our Drum!(s). Keep up the good work!!

You can contact Loren here.

Loren Honstein's Cobalt Blue kit