Electrorganic aFrame Drum Debuts

Electraorganic aFrame Drum Debuts

ATV Corporation has announced the release of the Electrorganic Percussion aFrame. The company, led by former Roland founder and Executive Chairman Ikutaro Kakehashi and President & CEO Makoto Muroi, focuses on developing enhance a natural approach to using technology in music, video, and the arts.

The aFrame is designed for performers to play in a natural organic style just as if they were playing an acoustic instrument. However, the sound capabilities of the aFrame go way beyond that. It is loaded with the same level of natural, expressive tone found in the company's first product, the ad5 controller. ATV’s proprietary “Adaptive Timbre Technology” responds to the acoustic percussion playing techniques of striking, pressing, and friction. With these kind of gestural nuances at his fingertips players can produce sounds with tonal variation and effect controls not possible with existing digital percussion instruments. The Adaptive Timbre Technology dynamically adapts characteristics of a number of filter groups, and produces a broad range of tonal variations based on playing surface conditions and tonal frequency components that vary with each percussionist's playing style. For a natural feel, the playing surface of the iframes made of a hi-tech material with excellent bounce and friction characteristics, yet it has the familiar feel of drumheads used on acoustic percussion.


The natural bamboo frame comes from a renewable resource and has properties that technically contribute to the playability of the aFrame. According to the company the frame is produced through a collaboration with Fujigen, Inc. based in Matsumoto, Japan, a long-established and reputable manufacturer of wooden frames for musical instruments, as well as the automotive industry.

aFrame Features

Tones can be created using the onboard acoustic and electronic sounds, and further enhanced with internal high-definition stereo effects. Up to 80 user-defined tones can be saved in the built-in memory.

Electraorganic aFrame

Natural Style

Like frame drums, the aFrame is played with bare hands and you don't have to change playing style to adapt to the limitations of electronic drums. Players can use natural techniques to produce a diverse palette of sounds, from classic acoustic to modern electronic.

The unique diamond shape of the aFrame aids in the production of varied tones, depending on where one strikes the surface. It can be held in the hand like a frame drum, placed on a stand, or held with a neck strap.

Hands Free

USB battery packs and guitar-style wireless audio can be employed for a cable-free playing experience. There is also an online frame user forum at http://aframe.jp which will be launched for sharing tips and playing videos, as well as tone files.

ATV is displaying the aFrame at:

  • 2016 Music Fair(Japan):4-6 November 2016
  • PASIC16(USA):9-12 November 2016
  • THE LONDON DRUM SHOW 2016(UK):12-13 November 2016
  • 2017 NAMM SHOW(USA):19-23 January 2016
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