TRX: CRX Cymbals Reviewed!

TRX: CRX Cymbals Reviewed!

TRX is a newer company offering high-quality Turkish cymbals created from professional B20 bronze. The company’s new CRX line uses the same high-quality bronze but is designed for drummers who want great-sounding cymbals without emptying their bank accounts to obtain them. Unlike many companies that offer a dozen or so cymbals in their less-expensive lines, the CRX line offers nearly 90 cymbals across three separate lines – Classic, Rock, and Xtreme (thus the acronym). Another plus is that all CRX cymbal pricing is based on diameter only and is the same across lines regardless of model.

With the insane prices many companies demand for quality cymbals, offering a new line that is diverse and inexpensively priced will be a welcome addition to the crowded cymbal marketplace. That is, if they can deliver the sound qualities we want.

We were sent a selection of ten cymbals from these three lines, so let’s check them out.

8" Rock Splash

This cymbal has a traditional lathed appearance on both sides. It’s loud and bright and has been designed to cut and will do so admirably even in loud bands. It has a longer decay than I expected with bright and musical overtones. Generally, I go for thinner splashes that disappear quickly, but if I were playing really loud rock, this little cymbal would definitely make its presence known.

8" Xtreme Splash

This cymbal has a natural bronze color on top and is lightly lathed underneath. It’s sound is a bit more Oriental than its identically sized Rock Splash cousin. It also has a shorter decay and will work better in medium and lower volume situations than the Rock Splash will. This would work well in a reggae, Latin, or world music band.

14" Xtreme Hi-Hats

These heavy cymbals have a natural bronze color on top but are shiny underneath. Designed for loud music styles, they have a deeper pitch than many 14" hi-hats and certainly deliver the decibels. The chick sound is surprisingly loud and splashing the cymbals reveals their slightly trashy character, resulting in a very long sustain. If you like to play your hi-hats sloshy a lot, let me strongly recommend you wear earplugs! Even though these hi-hats go to 11, they retain a musical sound throughout their range.

16" Xtreme Crash

This cymbal has a natural bronze color on top with a gleaming bronze underside. This cymbal has a nice dark and vaguely Oriental quality that was nice. If you strike it lightly it sounds a bit muted so it could also work for lower volume situations. However, if you use it this way be careful – with harder hits it detonates. Struck hard it creates a quick and loud explosion followed by a fast and dark, almost muffled decay. Since our cymbal had a shorter sustain than most 16" cymbals do, I’d probably skip the top cymbal felt to let it ring to its max. I liked the tonality of this cymbal and it would be useful for R&B, Latin, or world music styles.

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