TRX Cymbals Unveil The New Icons Line

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 7, 2010

Cymbalholics who followed the development of the TRX cymbal company are familiar with its phonically challenged model names. So if you knew TRX was actually pronounced “Turks,” then it was relatively easy to ascertain the suggested applications of the company’s lines, such as BRT, ALT, and DRK. But now TRX has broken the mold with the introduction of the fully pronounceable Icon series, which are handcrafted in Turkey using traditional lathing and highly polished brilliant finishes. The company promises that Icons “combine the rich, warm tone of vintage cymbals with the more aggressive performance characteristics required by modern players” — in other words, they’re perfect for any drummer currently drawing a breath! The series consists of 20"–23" Rides; 13"–15" Hi-Hats; 14"–20" Thin Crashes; 16"–21" Medium Crashes; 18–23" Heavy Crashes; 12"–21" Chinas; and 8"–12" Splashes. TRX Icons also include 14", 16", 18", and 20" Stackers, which are medium-thin, vented cymbals that can be used individually for crash effects or placed directly under or on top of other Icons to create a short, trashy sound.