Two+One Stick Holder from Qwikstix

Slick Stick Quiver

By Andrew Lentz Published December 4, 2009

The new Two+One Stix holders from Qwikstix provide two holders: one for individual sticks, another for multiple pairs, multisticks, rods, etc, all combined into a sleek inconspicuous product.

The Two+One is CNC machined from aluminum in Nashua NH, and comes in two colors, Black Powder Coat or a Stone Washed Aluminum finish. Clamping options range from a cymbal, rack mount (up to 1 ½ inch diameter), or a floor Tom mount (1/2 inch diameter).

Qwikstix products work with most major brands of drums and percussion, as well as rack, music, and microphone stands for convenience, easy access during play. Next time you drop a stick, you won’t lose the beat. $65.

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