Tycoon Traditional Series Djembes

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By Andrew Lentz Published August 21, 2009

You want that satisfyingly rough-hewn feel of an African djembe but you could do without all the tuning inconsistencies of the traditional instrument. Tycoon Percussion’s new Traditional Series djembes offer both authenticity and convenience.

The Tradirional Series djembes are hand carved in Ghana before being transported to Tycoon’s manufacturing facility in Thailand, where they are outfitted with unbleached goatskin heads and 5mm non-stretch rope. Additionally, the drum's bearing edge is refined using the company's high-tech polishing machine which eliminates the tuning inconsistencies that many players experience with conventional djembes.

The attractive designs etched into the single-piece Ghanaian hardwood add to the stunning look of the drum, which blends well into any musical setting. Available in three sizes: 10” ($349), 12” ($429), and 13” ($499).

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