Udrum Rocks The Cherry Bomb

Company Profile: Udrum

By Greg Dawson Originally published in DRUM!, January 2009

A classic rock drummer for twenty-five years, Paul Dickinson has combined his knowledge of playing, teaching, and working within the studio to create custom designed drums for almost any drummer. He first became interested in making drums when there were fewer custom builders and he wanted a new kit for himself. It wasn’t that easy though. As Paul says, it took, “a lot of questions, experimenting, reading books, and just trial and error.” He also learned from the legendary Ray Ayotte. “I got a lot of direction and insight from Ray”, Paul says, “He is so passionate about drums.” As Paul’s skills developed, he saw that he was not only creative as a designer, but that his drums were also great sounding instruments. Thus, the Underground Drum Company, or UDRUM, was started fourteen years ago.

At UDRUM, they make drums for all styles. As you can see from their Cherry Bomb snare, they know about eyecandy as well as sound. “We are willing to do anything,” says Paul. “It’s refreshing, there hasn’t been a day we have come in here and built the same drum set.” UDRUM will use anything a customer brings in to match a finish, from t-shirts, pieces of paper, and even fur. Burlington, ON, Canada. (905) 690-DRUM(3786). http://www.udrum.com.

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