Up In Their Grilles: New TRX Effects Cymbals

Just Venting

By Andrew Lentz Published September 28, 2009

For musical situations where drummers need something that’s more than a crash but less than a china, the Grilles line of effects cymbals from TRX fill the void perfectly.

With their combination of visually striking design elements and strategic venting, the Grilles produce a trashy sound that stands out from other cymbals without overpowering them. Perfect for crashing through a chorus or creating just the right accent.

A medium weight cymbal with a brilliant finish, the Grilles nicely integrate the company’s name into the cymbal’s structure but it’s not just an aesthetic thing. According to the company, the letters’ irregular shape produces shorter, nastier, and more nuanced tone than the more common oval shape cutouts of conventional effects cymbals.

The Grilles are available in 16”, 18” and 20” sizes, and retail for $350, $400 and $450, respectively.

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