Vater Gospel Series Sticks

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By Andrew Lentz Published July 30, 2009

In an inspired move, Vater has designed a stick for a wide range of funk, r&b, and church- and faith-based players.

The Gospel Series was designed with the help of genre greats Gorden Campbell, Nisan Stewart, and Chris Johnson, so you know it meets the high criteria of a serious player. Measuring in at 16.5” for extra reach and three different diameters, the Gospel Series aims to meet the feel, weight and volume needs of this groove-oriented, energetic style.

The GS 5A sports a barrel tip, comfortable grip size, and just the right weight for low to mid volume situations. The GS 5B has the same grip thickness as a 5B but with a heavier taper than the GS-5A. The GS Fusion is in between a 5A and 5B in the grip, like Vater's popular Fusion model, but with the extra length that the Gospel Series brings. Very responsive and suitable for all applications.

All Gospel Series models are available in wood tip only. $13.99.

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