Vater’s StickMates Add Sizzle To Your Stroke

Vater StickMate

Excuse the pun, but there’s a whole lot shaking at Vater. The Boston-based stick maker, which also began distributing drum accessories in recent years, just announced the introduction of two stick add-ons for 2012 – The StickMate Tambourine and StickMate Shaker.

Both models slide right onto your stick, brushes, and mallets to add an entirely different color and contour to cymbal rides and backbeats. Made of lightweight polymer with an unobtrusive low profile, StickMates won’t hinder your technique by one iota. Those wise designers at Vater even molded a thumb rest into the design to enhance grippage … er, gripability … umm, grippiness? Whatever you call it, it’s a smart design that’s easy to install and simple to remove for those quick between-song changes.