Vic Firth Reinvents Stick Design For 2011

By Andy Doerschuk Published December 8, 2010

The ever-innovative Vic Firth has once again rethought classic drum stick design. Among the company’s new models scheduled for release in 2011 is the 5A Dual-Tone, a variation on the most popular stick choice of drummers worldwide. Many adaptations have been made to the venerable 5A over the years, but the Dual-Tone dignifies itself from other 5As by having a wood tip on the business end and a durable synthetic felt mallet head attached to the butt end. Nice touch for easy transitions between grooves and cymbal swells. In addition, the company will introduce the new American Classic 5B Chop-Out practice stick (pictured above). It features a rubber tip mounted to a 16.75" hickory shaft, which allows the user to jam on virtualy any hard surface with an authentic feel free of excessive noise.