[VIDEO] Drum Workshop Booth Tour NAMM 2011

[VIDEO] Drum Workshop NAMM 2011

By Andy Doerschuk
Published January 15, 2011

It was predictable. We saw so much new gear during our DW booth tour, our visit ran about three times longer than it had with most other drum companies. I’m sure you won’t mind tagging along as we gaze in awe at the artistry of Neil Peart’s one-of-a-kind tour kit – little more than an awesome centerpiece, though, since it includes an outrageous degree of customization unavailable to most drum buyers. We also took a close look at new kits and snares in the Performance Series – a production drum line from a company that built its brand on customization. We called it a day after ogling the Rainbow Wood Exotic Kit. And no – it’s not a paint job.

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