William Donley’s Restored Surf Ludwigs

William Donley's Restored Ludwigs

By John Higgins Published October 2, 2009

Three drummers collaborate on Wipe-Out."

The band loves the sound of these vintage Ludwigs.

William Donley is a man who knows a diamond in the rough when he sees one. Here's how he acquired this retro-bitchin restored Ludwig kit, in his own words.


These were incredibly rough looking when I picked them up. My girlfriend kept looking at the pile of stuff in the back of the car,going "I don't know about this one, honey....

"It took alot of cleaning and some wrap restoration where the wrap needed regluing, but I ended up with this! The band loves 'em. *Great* sounding. They're Ludwig 3 plies [a classic Ludwig design] with clear maple interiors. The wrap is super bright, with the least fade I've ever had on a vintage set. They came to me from the second owner, [surf guitar legend] Dick Dale's bassist, Sam Bolle. It's only appropriate, as one of my gigs is a surf band, "The Dentures" http://www.myspace.com/slodentures. Gotta keep things in the family.

"The picture with the three of us is of the owner of The Drum Circuit, the drummer from the Cuesta Ridge Boys, and me, playing "Wipe-out." The crowd went nutso! Aloha, and thanks for considering these."

William, we love them. Thanks for sharing.

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