World’s First Microphone Monitoring App Debuts

World's First Microphone Monitoring App Debuts


Ever spend a couple of hours getting mics set up on a drum kit? Or an entire day? Arapolarmic, which is billed as the world's first microphone directivity monitoring system" has come to the rescue.

It's an iPad app that allow you to see the directivity and polar patterns of microphones as you try them on your kit, overlapping real and virtual images of microphones based on real-time data from the mic integrated with the tech specs of the microphone manufacturer


It's produced by Aratech Labs, a tech company located near Barcelona that is focused on a new generation of professional audio tools which range from monitoring techniques to calculus models through the use of augmented reality.

Arapolamic is designed for teaching, sound engineers, home recording, mix sales and musicians who want to explore this new concept of visual monitoring with tools such as spectrum analyzers and vu meters. It provides an objective input to help you adjust microphones using the polar patterns that mic manufactuers publish. The Aratechlabs team currently is including data for brands such as AEA, Audio-Technica, audix, Beyer Dynamic, Electro-Voice, Lewitt, Mojave, Oktava, Royer Labas, Schoeps, Telefunken, and Violet Design. 99 Euros.

Aratech Labs
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