Yamaha Gets More Feel For Less Dough

Yamaha Set To Cut Kit Price At MusikMesse

Yamaha is introducing a new DTX kit today with a street price of 1599 (in euros, that is). The kits will feature the new TCS heads the company showed off in January. Looking a bit like pebbly-textured styrofoam, the Textured Silicone surface on the heads offer lower noise and a softer more natural feel than rubber heads, but with less rebound than mesh heads, according to Yamaha.

The company’s Electronic Drum Specialist, artist Robert Terry, demoed the new models for us in the artist room of Yamaha US’s Buena Park headquarters.

Expressive Playing On Yamaha Heads

In addition to the new DTX900K and DTX 950K kits debuted at NAMM in January Yamaha also previewed its Textured Cellular Silicone (T.C.S.) technology, which offers musicians a new expressive playing surface for electronic drums. The kits received a prestigious Best in Show designation at NAMM, the premier musical product industry trade show.

“Every time I sat behind this drum set, wow! I did not want to get up,” said Jim Rupp, owner and president of Columbus Pro Percussion, Columbus, Ohio, who selected the kits to receive the Best in Show Award. “The snare drum feels like a snare. You move around the kit to that last floor tom, it doesn’t feel like the snare. It feels like a floor tom. It’s got more give. Not only does it feel incredible, it tracks … This is the top end.”

Yamaha designed its DTX-PAD with input from the company’s legendary stable of drum artists. The T.C.S. head uses a proprietary manufacturing process that introduces small air bubbles into foamed silicone to provide playability and feel unlike any pad introduced to market. The goal: A kit that captures sound perfectly and does not force drummers to alter their style in order to get sounds out of the drum set.

“Drummers need equipment that not only feels good to play, but sounds good, too,” said Robert Terry, marketing manager, Yamaha Electronic Drums. “The new DTX-PADS, combined with Yamaha’s advanced sound technology, deliver an instrument that will appeal to the most discriminating acoustic and electronic kit players.”

With a different stick response and rebound for the T.C.S heads of the snare and toms, a hi-hat that responds naturally to both hands and feet, along with three-zone choke-able cymbals, the Yamaha DTX900 series lets drummers express their passion for rhythm just as they can on an acoustic kit.

For more information: yamahadrums.com.

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