Yamaha HexrackII Tested!


The Little Things

While the convenience and consistency of the HexrackII were the main attraction, it was the smaller updates that really helped make the product shine. First, each split clamp and pipe receiver came with a mating, horseshoe-style memory lock that blended cleanly with the unit itself. This made the whole package very stylish and visually appealing. All the heavy-duty steel accessories also had a textured, raw finish that looked great with the rough aluminum bars. Classy all around.

Next, each of the leg pipes featured a receiver on top that accepted a standard 22.2mm mounting bar, adding a few extra spaces for cymbal arms or tom mounts. The included HXTCII mounting clamps offered 360 positioning range, and also fit standard pipes for easy accessorizing. The extra slots are actually what made me realize how handy the rack could be, as it allowed me to very quickly and cleanly integrate electronic drums into my acoustic kit – something that never felt comfortable with regular stands. With only one additional clamp and an L-bracket, I was able to add almost an entire electronic drum set with no spacing issues.

Finally, the main rack shipped with a clip-on logo piece that would have been entirely extraneous were it not for the circular level mounted on top. When I first saw the level, I kind of chuckled, thinking it was a solution without a problem. But, the HexrackII’s near-infinite adjustability made it easier than you might expect to end up with a few cockeyed connectors. The level proved extremely helpful throughout each new configuration, and drew plenty of praise from fellow musicians. A nice touch.


Racks may have a bad rap among some drummers, but the HexrackII could easily find work on most any drum set. Offering consistent, easy setups while saving space on the floor, this next-gen rack affords excellent flexibility, reliability, and even a fair amount of visual appeal. The excessive articulation could prove overwhelming at first blush, and making minor adjustments can be a tad tedious with so many key bolts and memory locks, but the payoff is well worth the work.


Model & List Price
HXR2LII $589
CH755 Cymbal Boom $75
Strong, lightweight aluminum pipes with cut grooves for added mounting stability; backwards compatible with original Hexrack; snap-on plastic sleeves eliminate metal-to-metal contact and allow for near-infinite positioning; modular accessories and additions available for expansion; mating memory locks.

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