Zildjian Dennis Chambers Signature Stick

Chambers Gets His Nylon On

With a practical twist on the Dennis Chambers Artist Series stick, Zildjian now offers one of its most popular sticks in a in a funkadelic black nylon tip version.

The natural-finish hickory dowel, which is 16” in length and .55” in diameter, feels balanced and solid in the hands. The short taper and round tip lend them a controlled throw and focused punch, while the dense nylon tip opens up your cymbals like never before. God-like as Chambers is, the stick is ideal for all skill levels.

With Chambers’ John Hancock in orange and the tip in black, the stick’s color scheme looks great for gigs on or around, uh, Halloween. Seriously though, if you ever wanted to tackle the challenging licks on one of Chambers’ Graffitti and Parliament Funkadelic albums or simply get your chops correct, you now have one of the best tools for doing so.

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